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what we do

We do what we love. Like you. And we have been doing it for over 20 years.

Creating award winning photography and video is still what we do best and since the days of shooting on film and editing on videotape, we have seen just how much communication has changed. Images much more than words are now at the centre of how we communicate and how we connect with each other.

And images can do so much more than illustrate. They can tell stories too.

At Studio Softbox we create dynamic, high quality photography and video to tell compelling, authentic stories about you and your business. We will create a library of engaging still and moving image content that shows the best sides of your business and that closely fits with your brand values. 

We can feature you doing what you do best, your colleagues recounting key ideas, concepts and experiences around your business, or your clients telling us why they love to work with you.

We will ensure that everybody instantly understands the personality and key values behind you and your brand by utilising images that are as consistent, professional and cogent as your business truly is.

So when you need to start a marketing campaign, send out a press release, create some social media posts or announce your latest award nomination, you will be able to easily draw from your library over and over again. Having authentic images ready to go as part of your marketing toolkit will save you precious time so you can get back to working in and on your business. 

And don't worry- even if you feel like you are a bit camera shy, we know exactly how to make you feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. We will help the process feel like it is simply second nature to you.

We won't just tell your future clients who you are. We'll show them. We'll help you tell the important stories of who you are and what you do to give your next clients a multitude of reasons to say yes to your brand.

So forget stock images, we work with real people. Like you.

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clients and brands

We are a midlands based company working with clients and brands nationwide. We help populate your websites, marketing material, social media feeds and blog posts by creating authentic imagery that tells the story of your business, your team, your brand and your service.

Their attention to detail is ridiculous: STUDIO SOFTBOX exceeded my expectations
— Kelly Taylor
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We would love to find out more about you and what you do.

So please just get in touch.