Social Projects at studio softbox


At STUDIO SOFTBOX we are experts in telling stories and we are always looking to be involved in projects that can really help people.

It’s real stories that can create change for businesses and charities and telling these in a concise and creative way is at the heart of what we do. We work with you to ensure we get right to the heart of what you do as a charity to understand the main objectives you have for fundraising and growth. We then plan and create well crafted genuine stories that will truly communicate your core messages plus work as tools to help achieve your goals and strategies.

We provide for you a library of marketing content for multiple outputs and platforms and all of which will have your logos branding and calls to action on.:

-3 - 5 second clips to share on social media, designed to grab people’s attention and stop people from just scrolling and engage with your message (see our video banner at the top of this page for some examples).

-35 - 4o seconds short personalised videos that can be added to an email, getting right to the heart of the reasons why people would, could and should support your charity (check out the trailer versions on this page)

-3 - 5 minute longer videos useful for events, presentations and even funding applications.

See below for examples of some projects that we are proud to be a part of featuring these different iterations. And don’t forget we do photography too- see Stories Of Us for more details

So if you are a charity or business and have a project that speaks volumes we’d love to hear from you.


sharewear: uncovered


Sharewear Uncovered is a suite of films featuring the only clothing bank of its kind in the UK. Clothing poverty is still a little recognised phenomenon in the UK and yet it’s effects are pervasive, fundamental and profound.

This selection of films was designed to communicate and promote how amazing the charity Sharewear really is, it’s unique ethos and how it works through the eyes of its’ volunteers and their recollections of the stories they have encountered.

Its primary aim was to raise awareness of the charity, the work it does and to gain funding and support to help the charity grow.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 23.14.30.png

We created three versions of the film :

1) a social media friendly promo trailer focusing on the stories told by the volunteers to bring the concept of clothing poverty to life in a moving and tangible way.

2) a longer documentary style info video for funding applications and presentations at conferences and events which communicated the key aspects of the charity such as origins, philosophy, operation and future directions.

3) a short mini trailer to generate awareness of what Sharewear is to be shared via social media.

To date the films have screened at various events and in cinemas all over the East Midlands. Helping Sharewear acquired multiple funding awards and secure significant additional industry clothing sources. Along with this it has allowed them to purchase a much needed vehicle and move to bigger and better premises, along with opening a second branch which just specialises in childrens clothing.

I just want to say what an amazing job you’ve done to cover all aspects of our work in such a compact edit!
It’s amazing I love it! Thank you so much!
— Louise Cooke, CEO, Sharewear

emotional fit / trying it on


Created association with the Nottingham Trent University School of Fashion and Textiles. Emotional Fit / Trying it On is a Doctorate level academic research project addressing the limitations of retail fashion design for women over 50.

The project was developed to help support women over 50 who felt overlooked or forgotten by a UK fashion industry obsessed by youth and size zero body shapes.

We wanted to take a documentary style approach, allowing a factual and candid view into key stages of the project. We also had three very different types of output too: a more in depth mini doc to give a good project overview for presentations and funding applications, a social media friendly mini trailer version for promotion online and an experimental version for more specific research applications.

To date Emotional Fit has been shown around the UK and in Europe at screenings, festivals and conferences.

We are currently in the latter stages of creating a similar project for helping homeless people to feel less marginalised through clothing repair and modification.

Studio Softbox really worked closely with us to make a number of films that were not only fantastic quality but that also were really effective tools in helping us gain public awareness and further funding to develop the project
— Dr Katherine Townsend, Associate Professor in Fashion and Textiles at Nottingham Trent University

Lets have a cuppa and a chat so we can explore ideas around creating creative content to help engage new support + re-engage old supporters of the wonderful work you do.