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Studio Softbox are proud creative collaborators with academic research projects across a variety of disciplines including arts, sciences and medicine.

We produce still and moving image content and even consult on branding and design to create content which documents, consolidates, demonstrates or showcases your project.

We can deal with anything from individual experiments to extensive industry ready projects and we have a background in academia ourselves (we have published too).

Perhaps you want to consolidate your work, make your project more accessible to the general public, present it to industry or simply build your portfolio online

We understand the complexities and hard work around the development and realisation of research and we can help bring coherence and clarity to your work to make sure it is seen and understood.

With the Research Excellence Framework coming in 2021, let’s talk about how we can collaborate to make sure your project has maximum impact and really is talking to everyone that needs to hear and see it.


advanced textiles research group


An entire suite of branded video and photography…

To document and promote prototype ideas and outputs from a smart textiles research group at Nottingham Trent University. Branded and designed for promotional use online, on social media platforms, in presentations and at conferences and industry trade shows.

All projects and prototypes needed to be presented in a concise, slick, accessible and commercially viable manner and considering outstanding patent and copyright sensitivities.

Studio Softbox have risen to the rigorous demands of the mixed scientific and artistic approach that we require to help us show products and processes to a wide range of potential collaborators.
— Dr Dorothy Hardy, Research Fellow in Manufacturing of Functional Electronic Textiles
Studio Softbox have produced sophisticated material for us that is extremely useful in a multitude of ongoing projects. I have particularly enjoyed their collaborative approach, where we discuss as we go and they rapidly find solutions. I highly recommend Studio Softbox’s video and photography work
— Dr Dorothy Hardy, Research Fellow in Manufacturing of Functional Electronic Textiles


Emotional Fit / Trying It On


two Experimental Documentaries…

Documenting the final stages of a research collaboration between academics from NTU and Coventry University, this project centred around developing a new fashion design methodology for mature women. As the design process featured in the project involved tacit communication and embodied knowledge, filming was a logical means to provide examples of interaction that could not be so directly evidenced by submitting a research paper consisting of text alone.

The project has subsequently taken on a life of its own and has been presented, both in experimental and more conventional mini documentary form, at The Swedish School of Textiles, The Melbourne School of Fashion and Textiles, exhibited at Leicester University and presented by Jim Boxall from Studio Softbox and Dr Kath Townsend at the Nottingham Trent University Research Conference. It has also screened twice at WOFFF film festival in Manchester; first in 2017 and then again in August 2019 where it was selected as part of a special ‘best of the fest’ screening.

Emotional Fit was shortlisted alongside some amazing films in the WOF Film Festival’s ‘Best of the Fest: North Star’ event.
As ever, thank you to everyone involved, particularly Studio Softbox and my co-researchers
— Dr Katherine Townsend

Pattern Anatomies


a conversation between fashion and medicine…

An ongoing experimental project featuring collaborative processes shared between a fashion designer and a plastic surgeon.

Reconstructive surgery is used to treat structures of the body affected aesthetically or functionally by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities or trauma such as burns utilising surgical incision to manipulate and reconstruct skin. Juliana Sissons then takes these processes to create innovative and unusual three dimensional pattern design that allows for free movement whilst minimising pattern waste.

Film to be uploaded very soon.

Thank you very much for all your help in our shoot. You are FANTASTIC!
— Juliana Sissons



not just another powerpoint presentation…

A short sequence commissioned by Archintex, a research project collaboratively investigating ways for architecture, interaction design and textile design to work together to focus on empathic attitudes towards mental health wellbeing.

To be presented at presentations and conferences to not only give a clear and concise summary of the intentions and developments of the project but also to add impact, gravitas and some positive emotion to help the project stand out from the all too familiar powerpoint format.

Jim was able to create an atmospheric film that was highly engaging and conveyed the main events and themes of the project in a visually striking and memorable way. We found him to be an excellent listener who grasped our meaning quickly and accurately, and he was proactive in making suggestions and responsive to feedback when we needed to develop each stage of the film.
— Dr Richard Kettley

Ben Judd- Who Shall Separate Us Now? / It Grows Like A Strange Flower


multi camera documentation of experimental art…

Fifteen gymnasts, 15 singers and a projectionist started at the corners of a gymnasium in Loughborough, gradually moving towards the centre of the space in a series of orchestrated movements for an hour long performance arts piece as part of the Radar/ Loughborough University Arts Festival. Studio Softbox co-ordinated and directed the video and audio documentation of this one off live performance.

Jim also documented another durational performance piece by Ben Judd: ‘It Grows Like A Strange Flower’:

Jim understood perfectly my vision for the film. I would definitely recommend him
— Ben Judd


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